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Driving Programs

State of Ohio Certified 8-Hour Defensive Driving Remedial Program


8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This program consists of:

*Comprehensive coverage of collision prevention techniques and issues, including: cushion of safety; scanning; vehicle positioning; following and stopping distances; backing and parking procedures; blind spots; vehicle inspection; use of mirrors; adverse weather conditions; safety belt & air bag systems; child restraint systems; collision reporting procedures; railroad crossings; disabled vehicles; anti-lock brakes; oversized vehicles; mental & physical condition of the driver; emergency vehicles and school busses; increased coverage of DWI/DUI/OVI issues; and more.

*A comprehensive video presentation

*Response workbooks and video follow-up discussion questions, situation analysis, and collision reporting procedures.

*Transparencies, which will generate group discussion of collision-avoidance skills and techniques and State of Ohio alcohol, drug and driving laws.

*Final Examination

Online registration must be received by Friday 2 p.m.

NOTE: Class begins PROMPTLY at 8:00 AM. Please be here by 7:45 AM. If class begins and you're not here, you will forfeit your fees and not be allowed to attend the class.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please select the link, read the verification form, print it and bring with you to class. To proceed with your online order, check the box verifying that you have read and understand the Terms & Conditions.


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