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The Safety Council Brings You The Latest News

  • As October is Fire Safety month, it is time for you to consider a few things…..have you changed your batteries yet? The time change is coming, so be prepared. What about a fire extinguisher, are they charged and ready for use? In close proximity? How about an Emergency Action Plan, do you know what it is? How about your team or your family, do they? It is not too late, prepare for emergencies and For Safety’s Sake, Do Something to be better prepared!

    Safety Always!

    Courtesy of R. Scott Goodwin, SSOE, Inc.

  • One Minute Wellness: Halt Salt!

    According to the CDC, 90% of Americans age two and older eat too much sodium, which can increase the risk for high blood pressure and often leads to heart disease and stroke. Visit to learn several small steps you can take to reduce the amount of sodium in your diet.

    Courtesy of Kathy Carlson, Wellness Coordinator
    ProMedica Wellness: Executive Health, Medical Fitness Centers, Tobacco Treatment, Weight Management, Worksite Wellness