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  • Do you know how to protect yourself when handling a first aid crisis, cleaning up bodily fluids or even emptying the trash in your office? Standard Universal Precautions allow us to follow a common guide for PPE and what we should do to prevent an exposure of bodily fluids. Check out this week’s talk to learn What’s SUP. For Safety’s Sake, Do Something to protect yourself from exposure.

    Safety Always!

    Courtesy of R. Scott Goodwin, SSOE, Inc.

  • Whether you’re gardening, swimming or just enjoying the beautiful summer weather, always protect your skin and your health! Using sunscreen helps reduce the chance of developing skin cancer and prevents early skin aging.

    Courtesy of Kathy Carlson, Wellness Coordinator
    ProMedica Wellness: Executive Health, Medical Fitness Centers, Tobacco Treatment, Weight Management, Worksite Wellness