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Who We Are

Executive Officers

  • Chairperson

    Brett Golightley
    Safety Manager
    Woodsage, LLC

  • 1st Vice Chair

    Daniel Roggelin, COSS, COSM
    Safety and Security
    Walleye Power, LLC
    Bay Shore Plant

  • 2nd Vice Chair & Treasurer

    Brian Kotula
    Retired Safety Professional

  • Andrew Pawuk

    Retired Safety Professional

  • John Chapman, CSMP

    UAW Health & Safety Representative
    General Motors

  • Beth Holt

    Vice President
    Holt Roofing & Construction

  • Brandon Loboschefski

    Chief, Fire Prevention Bureau
    City of Maumee

  • Fred Petersen

    Ottawa County Emergency Management Agency

  • Sandra Rabie

    System Safety Manager