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BWC Safety Council Rebate Program

Safety Meeting Attendance

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Division of Safety & Hygiene (DSH) administers the Ohio safety council program to provide a forum for occupational safety and health education, resources and networking in local communities.

Eligibility Requirements

Enrollment in the Safety Council is open throughout the year to all state fund, self-insured companies, public employers and state agencies in Ohio who pay premiums or administrative fees to Ohio (BWC). To enroll, an employer must have active BWC coverage status.

The Ohio BWC enrollment period for the Safety Council Rebate Program ends on July 31, 2019 for fiscal year 2020. This Program is offered to employers who are not self-insured or state agencies. This year’s Program is also open to employers who are enrolled in either a group-experience rating program or a group-retrospective rating program.

The Safety Council Rebate Program runs from July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

Semi-Annual Reports

The Safety Council will collect accident statistics from member companies twice a year. The majority of employers use their OSHA recordkeeping log as a basis for this reporting. Ohio public employers use their PERRP Form 300P.

Semi-annual reports should be completed by all member companies, no matter an employer’s rebate eligibility status as these reports are used for annual award recognition purposes.

The semi-annual report data includes: 

  • most recent date of injury resulting in a day or more away from work; 
  • average number of employees; 
  • average hours worked; 
  • number of injuries resulting in a day or more away from work; 
  • number of days away from work.

Annual Awards

 From the semi-annual report data submitted, the following awards are presented:

  • Group Award - to the employer with the lowest incident rate in each group;
  • 100% Award - to each employer that works the entire calendar year without an injury or illness resulting in a day away from work;
  • Achievement Award - to each employer that decreases its incident rate by at least 25% from the previous year;
  • Special Award - to each employer that accumulates at least 500,000 hours and at least six months without an injury or illness resulting in a day away from work.

Your Semi-Annual Report Form for the first half of 2019 (January 1, 2019 - June 30, 2019) is due by July 15, 2019 and the second half of 2019 (July 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019) is due January 15, 2020. Form must be completed and submitted to the Safety Council office by the due date.

Guidelines for External Training Credit

It is the employer’s responsibility to submit an official certificate of attendance for external training credit to the safety council in which they are enrolled by June 30, 2020. External training may include: 

  • Ohio Safety Congress – maximum of one meeting credit per event, no matter the number of sessions or days attended nor how many employer representatives in attendance; 
  • BWC Division of Safety & Hygiene classroom courses – maximum of one meeting credit per course; 
  • Industry-specific safety training – maximum of one meeting credit per scheduled training with at least one hour of safety curriculum; 
  • Seminar, conference or special event hosted by another safety council (not safety council monthly meetings).


Safety training conducted at the employer’s workplace, online courses or webinars do not qualify for safety council rebate external training credit.


To view the potential rebates when an employer is an active member of a safety council, enrolled in the BWC rebate program and fulfill all rebate program eligibility requirements, please click the link below.

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