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The Safety Council Benefits

Membership Benefits

  • Access to our BWC Group Rating to provide potential savings to your company;
  • The opportunity to participate in the Safety Campaign to earn safety recognition awards and recognize your employees for their safety efforts;  Eligible employers may also participate in the BWC Safety Council Discount Program. This discount can be added to any drug free workplace program, premium discount program and/or group-rating discount you may already be receiving. (Must meet qualifications and requirements);
  • Super service center for Coaching Systems, JJ Keller,  and American Safety & Health Institute - saving you money every day on quality safety and health products;
  • Safety Consulting Services;
  • Full training programs in selected areas, meeting OSHA requirements, are available for training your employees;
  • Free access to SCNWO’s Safety Online Streaming videos from Training Network Now for your safety meetings and employee training;
  • Department of Transportation Training & Resources;
  • Seminars and workshops are conducted on timely safety and health issues.  Members receive discounts on registration fees;
  • Free educational materials, such as brochures and publications on a wide variety of health and safety-related topics;
  • Discounts on all safety-training sessions offered at SCNWO.  Training courses are adaptable for your specific needs and are conducted at our facility on a regular basis or they can be conducted on-site at your facility;
  • Networking with companies to learn how they’re handling important safety/health/environmental issues;
  • Monthly luncheons to get a “heads up” on important compliance issues you need to take action on and reduce the chance of costly fines;
  • Monthly flyers highlighting safety events and training classes concerning current safety topics;
  • We will assist you with all your safety compliance issues;
  • Technical assistance for on-the-job safety and health;
  • Your company will receive a Membership Plaque to display.

The Safety Council maintains a variety of resources to help reduce mishaps in your workplace or home. The following is only a short summary of what we can offer your business.

Online Streaming Library: Hundreds of videos are available to corporate members free of charge.

Discounts: As a member of the The Safety Council your organization and its employees receive discounts on safety training and products available from all around wellness in the workplace and home.

At a minimal cost, breakfast and luncheon programs feature knowledgeable speakers who provide your organization with information needed to stay on top of new safety and health regulations. The Safety Round Tables provide a unique networking opportunity for safety professionals to share information in the common goal of achieving a cost effective safe workplace.

To make life last....put safety first!